Sales Leads are the core of any business. A quality sales lead generation system is necessary to get the highest return for your advertising dollars. We offer the best combination of hands-free and cost-effective model. We have streamlined the sales lead generation process, offering a turnkey, exclusive, authentic & fresh lead solution for companies.

With more and more people searching online to find suppliers and  buy products/services, businesses large and small need to work harder to be seen online. At, we’ve taken our years of expertise in internet marketing to build a revolutionary system that does all the hard work for you.

As a top performance agency, we will be driving traffic to your business through our perfect mix of online promotion methods:

– SEM campaign

– SEO campaign

– Mobile marketing

– Social marketing

– Email marketing

– and other innovative methods.


We tailor made our marketing efforts to suit your business. Sales lead can be in the form of products/services enquiry, online survey submission, request for free trial/sample, etc.

100% Quality Assurance as we Do Not use affiliates to market your business/offer.



How many times did your Pay-Per-Click ad cost you over $100 a day, with 50 over clicks , yet resulted in less than 5 sales leads?

We have experienced that too many times that we have decided to put a stop to this insane way of advertising online. You spend a lot of money, perhaps thousands every month on sponsored Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on the major search engines. The idea is simple: you bid for your chosen keywords, create a simple ad then sit back and wait for visitors to beat a path to your web site. What you pay depends on how much competition there is for your keywords, and how often your ad is clicked.

But what if somebody – a competitor maybe – were to spend all day clicking your ads? This would cost you money, bid up the price of your keywords and could mean that your ads exceed your maximum daily spend and it will not be seen by legitimate buyers. And what about your average innocent search engine user who has no idea how the PPC system works and just uses your ads as a convenient shortcut back to your web site? Same effect on your advertising budget.


We have also tried marketing our products/services by using the traditional Flyer marketing way . We printed Full Colour standard flyer which cost us around $250, and distribution of door to door for another $600 over from a reputable company. Almost thousand dollars spent and you will still have to worry whether the distributors do their job honestly.

With an expected low response rate of less than 1%, it’s not unusual for us to get less than 50 leads for printing & distribution of 20,000 pieces fliers.


Put an Ad in the Newspaper?

Yes, we did. And the whole country “potentially” will be able to see your ad, if they try hard enough to look out for it. But it will set you back at least $30 for a simple 3 lines ad, and $300 – $600 over for a decent display ad. Remember that your ad has to compete against the clutter of other advertisers, including the giants ads run by supermarkets and department stores as well as the ads of your competitors. Expect your ad to have a short shelf life, as newspapers are usually read once and then discarded.


So, we came out with a solution.

We only want to Pay for Sales Leads that are really interested to know more about our products/ services, and NOT paying for clicks, flyer printing or ad space in the local newspaper!

And we are definitely NOT talking about Raw Leads in those months old database lists, that list rental companies are desperately trying to unload on you for a dime a dozen. We are talking about Fresh, Targeted, Qualified Leads with Real people requesting for your products/services NOW!


With as little as $500 for our Starter Package , your business is promoted through our customized online marketing campaign that drive motivated, targeted sales leads to your business.

Sales leads are driven to your business by our team of professional marketers in various platforms, including Pay Per Click,Video marketing, Social media, SEO,etc. We custom build your sales lead generation sites to deliver targeted fresh sales leads that are exactly what your company is looking for.


In a nutshell, just ask yourself this question –

” If you were to invest this same amount of advertising dollars into Pay per click advertisement, Flyer printing/distribution or Ad space in newspaper, how many Guaranteed Sales Leads will you get? ”

No More Paying for Click Fraud, Flyer Printing or Ad Space in newspaper.


Pay Only For Sales Leads,

Not Ads or Eyeballs.  

Exclusive, Qualified & Fresh Leads.


Place Your Order Now Here Before Your Competitor Does!

or Call Us @ (65) 6543 6978 (Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm. Singapore Time Zone)



 Our Package Plans are suitable for Business Owners in Singapore/ Australia/ New Zealand/ United States/ United Kingdom only.



Click here if you prefer a Pay Per Sale payment model.

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